Example 1 - Looking Out For Unusual Betting Patterns

As you can see from the 321 value highlighted in the red on the screenshot below, the rank outsider in this race attracted a lot of late money. The price for Novabridge steamed in from 130.00 to 70.00 between 3 minutes and 1 minute before the off and this accounted for a noticeably high green 321 value being recorded on JustStartHere:

Unusual Betting Patterns
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Money talked in this instance and the horse went on to place with a Betfair place starting price of 14.00. When it comes to these outsiders, it is best to be conservative - back them each way or to place with small stakes. On Betfair Multiples you can back horses from as little as £1.00 each way:

Each Way Bet

Each Way Bet


Example 2 - Analysing The Race & Looking For Value