Example 2 - Analysing The Race & Looking For Value

It's important to be selective when looking to act on the JustStartHere data. Two outsiders have attracted a bit of late money in the race below. In fact, out of eight runners they've recorded the two highest positive 321 values (highlighed in red):

Late Steamers
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This is the first signal. Now look at the rest of the field - the three favourites are all odds-on in the Betfair exchange place market but none of them have attracted significant late money according to JustStartHere.
 The odds for the two outsiders to place are attractive (13.50 and 65.26) and all it takes to benefit from those generous odds is for one or more of the three favourites to run a bad race and for either of the two outsiders that have been backed during the last few moments before post time to show why they've attracted late money. On balance it appears to be a sound bet. Again, when it comes to backing outsiders it is wise to be conservative - this time £2.00 was placed on each horse on the Betfair exchange place market:

Betfair Screen

In this instance the money talked and the bigger of the two outsiders
placed with a huge Betfair place starting price of 65.26. An outlay of £4.00 returned £120.19 after commission:

Betfair Winnings


Example 3 - Keeping An Eye Out For Stand Out Horse Racing Steamers